Full View, 1060 High-Carbon Steel Custom Katana Blade Custom Swords
Full View, 1060 High-Carbon Steel Custom Katana Blade Custom Swords
1060 Steel, Custom Katana Blade Made by Custom Swords
Full View, 1060 High-Carbon Black Microplating Steel Custom Katana Blade Custom Swords
1060 Clay-Tempered Steel Blade, Custom Real Katana Swords

High-Carbon 1060 Steel Blade for Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto/Kanto or Chokuto/Ninjato

From: $148.00

High-Carbon 1060 Steel Bare Blade for Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto/Kanto or Chokuto/Ninjato

  • Base metal: 1060 High-Carbon Steel. Our standard steel blade, which is our cheapest and most used.
  • Hand-forged blade, fully made especially with your custom specifications, exactly as asked.
  • Can be made for any katana, chokuto/ninjato, tanto/kanto, or wakizashi sword. We can also make other, custom sizes as per your needs.
  • The blade can be clay-tempered, adding a beautiful natural hamon with the pattern of your choice.
  • We can add a blood-groove (bo-hi), or perhaps a double one, or even a double Kiriha-Zukuri blood groove, giving the sword a more intense look and feel.
  • The blade can also be microplated, adding a layer of color which enhances its aesthetic and protects it. We recommend using microplated swords for light cutting only since the coloring can fall off with extreme usage.
  • Extremely durable blade, made for heavy-duty swords wielding.

Additional Information, Real Swords For Sale, Japanese Sabers Available Blade Sizes

  • Tanto/Kanto Curved Blade: 13″ ~ 33cm
  • Wakizashi Curved Blade: 20″ ~ 50.8cm
  • Katana Curved Blade: 28″ ~ 71.1cm
  • Ninjato/Chokuto Straight Blade: 28″ ~ 71.1cm


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From the master swordsmiths of Longquan to your door…

The legendary swordsmith Ou Yezi forged a sword at the foot of Qingxi Mountain more than 2600 years ago. Little did he know, but this would be the start of a legendary swordsmithing tradition… His sword being recognized nowadays as “The First Sword”.

Longquan, located on the upper reaches of the Ou River, then slowly became the place of choice for swordsmiths through the ages. With time, the town became legendary for its swordsmaking.

Martial artists all over China and around the world became enamored with its swords, which are for the most part works of art as well as formidable weapons. Nowadays, there are countless swordsmiths all over Longquan… All still following the traditional swordsmaking tradition. And you can guess, we only work with the best of them.

For now more than 13 years, our manufacturing plant in Longquan has housed some of China’s brightest swordsmakers. We only work with the very best, and this is an assurance of our first promise: precise, efficient craftsmanship that creates true works of art for you.

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