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Swords for Sale

A hand-forged sword that will last generations, at a reasonable price, should never be a distant dream. The sword of your dreams can actually be custom-made… just for you. We have Japanese and Chinese swords for sale, like the katana, wakizashi, ninjato, tanto knife, and also the more artistic Chinese dao and jiang swords.

One by one, each sword is hand-forged, assembled, and reviewed by swordsmiths, blade polishers, and sword assemblers over the course of weeks. The blade is always the longest thing to make. The steel has to be selected, forged and perhaps folded (for the beautiful “Damascus” pattern), and can also be clay-tempered to create a beautiful natural hamon line. This is just an introduction to the first, rawest aspect of creating a custom blade. To see all the parts at play, please visit our custom Japanese swords products.

Our main ambition at Swords for Sale is to delight our clients. To do that, we use a combination of two things:

  • Precise, efficient craftsmanship by master forgers, polishers, and swords assemblers.
  • Unparalleled customer service through our Canada-based, native English speaker customer service team.

Katana Sword: the Original Japanese Nihontō

The katana usually was the Samurai’s weapon of choice. With its long, curved aspect, the Samurai looked at their katana as a symbol of their soul.