Full Scabbard View, Han Wu Jian, 1095 Folded & Clay-Tempered Saber, Dark Huali Wood Scabbard, Dragon Brass Fittings, Wood Black Wrap Handle
Scabbard Tip Close Up View, Han Wu Jian, 1095 Folded & Clay-Tempered Saber, Dark Huali Wood Scabbard, Dragon Brass Fittings, Wood Black Wrap Handle
Handle & Scabbard Ornament View, Han Wu Jian, 1095 Folded & Clay-Tempered Saber, Dark Huali Wood Scabbard, Dragon Brass Fittings, Wood Black Wrap Handle
Blade Tip Close Up View, Han Wu Jian, 1095 Folded & Clay-Tempered Saber, Dark Huali Wood Scabbard, Dragon Brass Fittings, Wood Black Wrap Handle

Han Wu Jian Sword: Folded & Clay-Tempered 1095 Steel Blade


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A Han Wu Jian sword hand-forged with a 1095 Folded and Clay-Tempered Steel Blade

  • Han Wu Jian’s blade made of folded and clay-tempered 1095 steel, heat-treated and oil-quenched. There are always two bamboo mekugi (pegs) holding the handle together.
  • Brass handle guard and fittings with a Dragon design holding the blade, handle and tsuka together.
  • For the best sheathing and handling, great swords always need a good sheath and handle. This sword has a Light Brown Huali Wood Saya and Rayon Tsuka-Ito.

This sword has a total sword length of 40.5″ ~ 108cm. Its blade measures 30″ ~ 76cm, and its blade width is of 1.4″ ~ 3.6cm.

We make every blade to order, using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

This is all to ensure top quality for you. No two pieces are alike – so unique designs are forged and assembled specifically for you. Whether it be cutting ability or a piece of art for the house… We’ve got something perfect for you at Swords For Sale.

Do you want a Jian sword like this one, but would like to its components? Contact us and tell us which components you’d like to change. Talking about time… here’s what will happen right after you order:

Step 1, Real Swords For Sale, Japanese SabersWe hand-forge and perfect your sword

Your order will start processing 24 hours after you place it. This is a time we leave for any changed you’d like to make. A couple of days later, our master swordsmith starts to forge your sword’s blade. About a week later, our togishi (blade polisher and sharpener) takes charge to finish the blade.

It’s then time to assemble the sword. For most custom swords (in 85% of cases) we have blades, fittings, and other components ready to go. In these cases, the full assembly of the sword takes from one to two weeks. For more complex swords (in 15% of cases), it can take us around three-four weeks, up to at most six to have it assembled.

Step 2, Real Swords For Sale, Japanese SabersWe send you pictures of your jian sword for approval

Once the sword is ready and assembled, we take its pictures. We always do many angles to make sure everything is exactly as you ordered.

We send you these pictures by email. Your custom jian isn’t shipped until we get your full approval for the sword’s looks. There are big-size pictures taken from the front, from the side, and the top… And also close-ups of most angles.

Step 3, Real Swords For Sale, Japanese SabersWe ship your custom-made jian sword

Once you approve the pictures, we send your sword by either our Expedited or our Express Service. This ensures speedy delivery times.

  • Expedited hipping is Available in Australia, Canada, and the United States of America | 49.95$, takes from two to five weeks to arrive
  • Express Shipping is Available Worldwide | 74.95$ with UPS or FedEx, takes from three days to a week and a half to arrive

Please note that you can have an import tax to pay depending on your location. You must take into account since we cannot pay it for you and is not our responsibility. In most cases, it ranges from 10 to 40$ depending on your country and the price of your sword.

Our master forgers take their time to make sure each sword’s blade has just enough detail…

Whether you choose a simple 1060 High Carbon blade, or want a more complex blade, like a Folded or Clay-Tempered one… Or perhaps even a Kobuse blade… Our swordsmith can create pretty much any design you wish for.

Then our assemblers take care of creating the best sword possible with the remaining pieces… like the blade collar and spacers, the handle guard and its fittings, and the scabbard.

If you look closely at our swords’ adornments, every piece looks as though it belongs right where its meant… On top quality blades, such as these only found in storybooks or movies about medieval China. And yet, they exist for a fraction of the price, here and now.

Additional information

Blade Metal Type

1095 Folded & Clay-Tempered Steel

Scabbard (Saya) Color

Brown, Wood

Sword Type

Jian Sword

Handwrap (Tsuka-Ito) Color


Handwrap (Tsuka-Ito) Material


Scabbard (Saya) Type

Huali Wood Saya

Handle Guard (Tsuba) Metal Type



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From the master swordsmiths of Longquan to your door…

The legendary swordsmith Ou Yezi forged a sword at the foot of Qingxi Mountain more than 2600 years ago. Little did he know, but this would be the start of a legendary swordsmithing tradition… His sword being recognized nowadays as “The First Sword”.

Longquan, located on the upper reaches of the Ou River, then slowly became the place of choice for swordsmiths through the ages. With time, the town became legendary for its swordsmaking.

Martial artists all over China and around the world became enamored with its swords, which are for the most part works of art as well as formidable weapons. Nowadays, there are countless swordsmiths all over Longquan… All still following the traditional swordsmaking tradition. And you can guess, we only work with the best of them.

For now more than 13 years, our manufacturing plant in Longquan has housed some of China’s brightest swordsmakers. We only work with the very best, and this is an assurance of our first promise: precise, efficient craftsmanship that creates true works of art for you.

Han Wu Jian Sword: Folded & Clay-Tempered 1095 Steel Blade
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