How to Ship Swords Internationally?

Shipping swords internationally can be a huge unknown for a number of reasons, the main one being legality. However, here's a simple guide detailing how we ship our katana swords and other Japanese swords here, at Swords for Sale.

Step 1 – Determine whether it’s legal or not to ship swords to your country

This may sound a no-brainer. However, it’s extremely important to determine whether you can actually receive your sword without complications in your country.

If you don’t know whether you can or not, you can see the full list of countries we ship to. However, please note we cannot be held responsible for swords which get confiscated at customs. It’s entirely the client’s responsibility to verify the legality of receiving their package.

Step 2 – Packaging the sword

One of the most important things when shipping a sword internationally is the packaging. At Swords for Sale, we take every precaution to make sure our swords arrive safely, but also to protect everyone along the logistics chain. Our packages are sealed perfectly and the blades never come out, making it safe for handling everywhere.

Step1: Perfectly Fitted Box - How to ship swords internationally - Swords for Sale

First and foremost, we have to create the perfect box with thick polystyrene foam. This ensures our sword will fit inside perfectly and there’s no danger of the blade protruding it. Each one of our boxes is custom-cut and designed to fix every single sword we ship internationally.

Step 2 -Placed inside the perfect box - How to ship swords internationally - Swords for Sale

After we’ve created the perfect box with thick foam, we place the sword inside. If we need to make adjustments to the box, we cut it again to make the sword fit the box like a glove.

Step 3 - Sealing the Package - How to ship swords internationally - Swords for Sale

The third step is to seal the two parts of styrofoam box together. We use industrial-grade yellow tape to make the box hermetically perfect.

Step 4 - Sealed Package with Invoice - How to ship swords internationally - Swords for Sale

After the box has been taped and sealed, we pass yellow tape vertically and horizontally through the box. This created the perfect package for any sword to be shipped internationally. Finally, we add the invoice on top of the box to let customs know what is inside, and make sure we are legally compliant with your country’s rules.

Step 3 – International transit and receiving the sword

Once the sword is shipped, everything is in the shipping company’s hands. The package has to pass through multiple checkpoints internationally – and there are normally no problems at all for this.

Where there might be problems is when the package arrives at the destination country’s customs. If your country is on our list (see the link at the top of the page), customs should let it pass without any problem. However, other countries might not let it pass – which is also why we don’t ship there.

Other countries might ask for permits to import swords. If you can get one of these permits and you want to import some of our swords into your countries, you can contact us and we’ll arrange a shipment. However, it’s entirely your responsibility to see with your local authorities and obtain the permits necessary for the import.

If you have any other questions or pressing concerns, or you want to know directly from us whether you should buy a sword and import it from us, message us here:

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